Data Centers

KDA PROJECT Oak Ridge National Labs Computational Science Building

Keenan Development Associates entered into a lease arrangement to provide a campus modernization program consisting of four buildings totaling 376,000 s.f. This project provided offices, conference rooms, laboratories, supercomputer rooms, clean rooms, and a central energy plant. The 40,000 s.f. supercomputer room houses the world's fastest supercomputer. The project was awarded Certified LEED status. The project was a successful collaboration of Haskell with outside architects and engineers, and was achieved an Associated Builders & Contractors "Award of Excellence."

Oak Ridge National Labs Tennessee Office Building System Addition

The TOB complex is a 227,000 square feet multi-program research facility with state-of-the-art security that provides infrastructure for sensitive defense, nonproliferation and homeland security activities, located on the Oak Ridge National Lab Campus. Project consisted of 10 megawatts of power for labs and computing facilities, raised flooring, isolated ground system, uninterruptible power supplies, diesel fueled emergency back-up generator, fire protection including vesda system, tel/data cabling including fiber-optic cables and security systems. This addition project was LEEDs gold certified and completed in July of 2014.

The Multiprogram Research Facility at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory

The MRF, also known as Building 5300, is on the laboratory's East Campus. The building covers 214,000 sq. ft. and houses five stories of computer science and engineering space. The MRF stores dozens of computer cabinets that run a continuously-updated machine, designed specifically for cryptanalysis. It was the first building on the East campus to attain the gold rating of LEED certification. The MRF uses about 25-percent less energy than a standard code-compliant facility. Energy-saving design features included high-efficiency mechanical and electrical equipment and layout, and lighting controls. Hybrid solar lighting systems with rooftop solar collectors were installed to demonstrate the feasibility of solar collection and fiber optic distribution of natural light. The MRF presented a unique set of challenges to the design and construction team because its ultimate use required detailed and stringent technical parameters. The project had to be fast-tracked so that portions of the building could be completed and approved in time to install specialized equipment.

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